Granit Concern

Granit Concern Joint-Stock Company is the leading Russian manufacturer, developer and provider of telecom equipment and data management systems to the federal executive bodies and private businesses.

Granit Concern JSC distributing high-tech solutions for social and national security for 15 years.

The company has the status of the sole provider of a number of equipment to the Russian Federal Security Service.

Granit Concern JSC maintains a fruitful cooperation with the Russian Ministry of Defense, Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs, Russian National Guard Troops and Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations.

In response to the coronavirus pandemic in 2020 the Research Center of Granit Concern JSC developed a unique technology for electromagnetic suppression of SARS–CoV–2.

This patented technology is based on scientific research by Russian and foreign scientists in the field of electrodynamics, virology, as well as on works by Academician N.D. Devyatkov, recognized as a pioneer of electronic medicine.

An effective technology of electromagnetic suppression of SARS–CoV–2 has been realized in TOR medical device designed for simultaneous protection of large groups of people.

Individuals who are seeking to provide additional virus protection for themselves and their family can order a personal protective electromagnetic device – ТОР–М sensor available in the form of a sleek wearable device. learn more

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