Updating the wave spectrum of TOR devices and individual sensors TOR-M for clients of GRANIT Concern

26.08.2022 · 11:06
Обновление волнового спектра аппаратов

Each wave of coronavirus brings new mutations of the pathogen.

When new COVID-19 strains are detected in our country, specialists of GRANIT Concern promptly determine the virus emission spectrum and update the wave exposure parameters of TOR devices and individual TOR-M sensors.

As part of our customer service, all our customers receive product updates in a timely manner and free of charge.

For the current wave of coronavirus our specialists have already updated TOR devices and TOR-M sensors, so that our customers will be protected during the coming pandemic.

GRANIT Concern cares about the health of its customers!

You can find out more about upgrading your device spectrum by calling Customer Service at +7 (495) 642-97-42.

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