A new wave of coronavirus

7.07.2022 · 10:23
Ожидается новая волна коронавируса в августе 2022

Doctors are predicting a new outbreak of coronavirus in Russia in August 2022. Over the past 2 weeks, the global incidence of COVID-19 has increased by almost 30%. Italy, France, as well as other European countries have seen a sharp jump in the number of cases. Outbreaks of coronavirus were recorded in Israel, India and North America. There are 132 thousand  of people with Covid diagnosis in Italy in the last 24 hours,  similar figures in this country were six months ago during the pandemic in early 2022.

What strains are spreaded

According to the WHO, omicron subspecies are now mostly found. Experts say the strains have become more infectious compared to February 2022.

Omicron is also common in Russia and these cases are not isolated. Statistically, the incidence of covid disease in our country is about a month late. That is why physicians are predicting a significant increase for August.

In Moscow and St. Petersburg there has been a significant increase in incidence of covid for the past 2 weeks. Only in Moscow during the last day sickness rate rose above 550 people. Moreover, those who had been infected with covid in spring have just finished their post-infection immunity. There could be a powerful outbreak in September, when everyone returns from vacation.

Specialists recommend taking preventive measures in advance. One of the additional measures of protection against covid is an electromagnetic device TOR and its miniature version for individual protection — the body sensor TOR-M. The device and the sensor protect against all known strains of coronavirus.

More information about the principle of operation of the electromagnetic device for virus suppression can be found here.

Using TOR you help to keep yourself and your family healthy and prevent the virus spreading.

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