“Stealth Omicron”, a new strain of coronavirus, is taking over the world

25.05.2022 · 5:25
Защита от «Омикрона»

The new Stealth coronavirus strain has been a major topic in SARS-CoV-2 pandemic publications since March 2022. At the moment, it is the dominant subspecies in Russia, accounting for about 80% of all COVID — 19 infections. «Stealth Omicron» has a number of features: it is difficult to distinguish from other strains by PCR diagnostics, it masks perfectly as a seasonal respiratory viral disease and it has high virulence. According to WHO, the milder course of the disease characteristic of this strain is the result of collective immunity and vaccination, which has already covered 63.5% of the adult population in Russia. Experts say that “Stealth Omicron” is far from being the last variant in SARS-CoV-2 mutation. The emergence of new strains is just a matter of time.

Protection from Omicron

No one can rule out the emergence of a new strain, because this is the natural process of virus evolution.

Medics declared that a «descendant» of one of the most dangerous strains Delta could come to us in the summer of 2022. Omicron mutations have few chances to become dominant.

Appearance of new strains of COVID – 19 causes development of new methods to combat it. In addition to traditional measures — vaccination, isolation and other measures from the methodological guidelines of Rospotrebnadzor, innovative solutions appear. Over the past two years mankind has seriously advanced in the development of means to suppress viral activity. For example, TOR electromagnetic device was invented.

TOR is a completely domestic solution. It was developed by the Russian manufacturer Concern GRANIT, JSC, which specializes in designing and implementing knowledge-intensive solutions for government and business. TOR device is the result of the work of more than 100 scientists at the field of electrodynamics and virology. The effectiveness of electromagnetic influence on SARS-CoV-2 viral activity has been clinically proved.

A unique feature of TOR is effective suppression on all known strains of coronavirus. When new SARS-CoV-2 strains are detected, specialists of Concern GRANIT update the settings of the device to work effectively against the new strain. TOR is tuned to suppress all known strains, including “Stealth Omicron”, as well as new coronavirus strains when they are detected.

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