Why should I use TOR?

TOR decreases chance of infection and provides faster recovering from COVID-19. It completely safe for people. You can use TOR supplementary to standard COVID-19 therapy and to suppress distribution of the infection.TOR is effective: To suppress distribution of the infection in public places and on mass events To inactivate virus in offices and business areas with customer traffic and to restore business activity and business processes For regular prophylactic measures and decreasing chances of infection for personal use, including after direct contact with disease carrier To decrease viral effect, to improve health and to increase COVID-patient discharge dynamics in medical institutions

Enough measures are undertaking. There’s no need to use anything else.

The state undertake all possible measures to hold everything under control. Using TOR ensures supplementary protection in case of access of infected people in offices and any other areas. TOR inactivates viruses in areas with potential location of disease carriers. It suppresses distribution of the infection.

Only vaccine can give true protection from the virus. There’s no other way to protect yourself.

TOR is a device to inactivate viruses. It efficacy is approved by clinical trials. The viral load decreases and it helps immune system of the people to cope with infection easily. Effective range of treatment is up to 230 meters. It suitable to use it for prophylactic in public areas.

What experts say?

Technology’s efficacy published in international journal of polymer science “Polymers” — analogue of The Lancet journal in medicine (journal rating — Q1) and certified by Euroasian Economic Union The developers applied scientific results of Soviet scientists based on physiotherapy principles. TOR meets the safety requirements of the Federal Service for Surveillance in Healthcare and has appraisal of the Federal Service for Surveillance on Consumer Rights Protection and Human Wellbeing. Certified by the Federal Service for Surveillance in Healthcare as medical device

What is long- and short-term effects of treatment (considering there’s wave treatment)?

TOR is completely safe for people. Treatment is a thousand times weaker than emitting of household devices and 4G/5G networks. Single treatment session of 15 minutes keeps its effect for 8-12 hours.

TOR treatment covers the room as a whole or it needs to use individually?

TOR is used in sessions with obligatory presence of people.

When should I use TOR?

TOR is recommended to use in case of confirmed disease and without any signs of infection. People can carry the infection and TOR on early stages helps immune system to cope with infection, to prevent deterioration or severe cases of COVID-19.

Why should I use TOR only in 15 minutes sessions 3 times a day when infected people spread the virus all day long?

15 minutes session is a recommendation for everyday treatment for people without any signs of infection In case of infection you can be treated by TOR all day long.

Does TOR act as an antiCOVID-19 medicine?

TOR inactivates virus ability to reproduce, that helps immune system to cope with infection easily.

Can people with any other diseases use TOR?

There aren’t any contradictions excluding individual intolerance and general contraindications used in physiotherapy practice in case of wave treatment with wave length of 30-1000 MHz.

Can I use TOR outdoors?

TOR can be used outdoors if you follow requirements of its operation.

Do I need special training to operate TOR?

No. You can find a manual in box with device. If you have any issues please contact our technical support.

What are storage conditions of the device?

TOR should be stored at temperature of +5-+40C and humidity of no more than 80%.